John Marshall Stone Research Library

libraryThe John Marshall Stone Research Library collects, preserves, indexes, and provides access to the archival resources of Tishomingo County, Mississippi.

The archival resources of the John Marshall Stone Research Library include unique archival materials and published works concerning the history of the County. Public access to the archival holdings is provided in the research library. Although the research library provides an environment that encourages the independent research of all its patrons, a staff member must be utilized to retrieve informational resources. All researchers must register to gain access to the records. Purses and other bags must be placed in the lockers provided or returned to patrons vehicle.

The John Marshall Stone Research Library houses the following collection of archival materials:

• Bound volumes of books
• Government documents
• Personal papers
• Maps and drawings
• Compact discs
• Oral histories
• Audio tapes
• Microfilm

This research room is designated as a quiet place for genealogists and historians to perform research. It is maintained as a library. Patrons are asked to leave 15 minutes prior to the closure of the museum.

The research library is closed when the Old Tishomingo County Courthouse Museum is closed. The research library may also be closed on additional days at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The John Marshall Stone Research Library is a non-circulating library. No resources from the research library will be available to be checked out. All archival materials and books may only be accessed in the research library.


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