Smart Guidelines for Crafting Your Master’s Thesis

A Master’s thesis is a project in which the student has to conduct research on the topic. The research is done to solve a particular problem in society, to explore topics that do not have been studied yet, or maybe new innovative thesis ideas. A thesis is an important piece of paper that shows your hard work and consistency. There are two stages of thesis, writing, and defense. You have to prepared for these stages to get your degree.

Contents of thesis

The thesis is divided into several sections and each section display different type of information. Following are the points that are included in the thesis:

  • The abstract contains one page summary of the thesis
  • The introductory part of the topic.
  • Literature review of the topic.
  • Methodology to solve the particular problem or method of conducting research.
  • The outcome of the research
  • Concluding the thesis
  • Addition of References

These are points to consider while writing the thesis. It is a general format of it and can even be used in bachelor’s thesis and for dissertation. Each point serves as a chapter.

How it is different from a dissertation?

A Master’s thesis is quite different from a dissertation. You can’t take place both at the same level. The dissertation is for doctoral degree requirements and has to be extensive. Moreover, it contains an in-depth analysis of the topic and play role in academic writing. While in the case of a thesis, it is also extensive but it is not necessary to be in academic criteria. Don’t confuse these terms.

Guidelines for writing a thesis

Thesis writing is important to assess student’s abilities. So, the writing process may require time and effort. After finishing up a thesis, the next stage is of defense, in which you have to present your work in front of professors and teachers. Following is a guide that will help you to prepare for your thesis:

  • Select a topic

Chose a topic for your thesis that arouses curiosity in you. It will help you to dig deeper into it and generate unique ideas. You can also choose a topic that has an interdisciplinary approach so it will help you in getting a doctoral degree and job. The field of your research will define your career and expertise so chose it carefully and by doing research.

  • Do effective research for literature review

Research your topic thoroughly and read it from every perspective. The literature review isn’t easy to write. You have analyzed it critically and raises questions about it. Make a proper schedule to work and do not exhaust yourself.

  • Plan what and how to write

When reading materials for the thesis, you need to create an outline to know which type of data should be included in which category. Avoid making unnecessary arguments. Also, adhere to your department’s guideline of writing a thesis whether they require qualitative data or quantitative.

  • Send your draft to get feedback

When you are finished writing your thesis, send your draft to your supervisor and seniors to get some comments on it. They will highlight your mistakes and suggest you some improvements in the sections.

  • Get ready for defense

After editing the final draft, then defense comes in which you have to present your results and discuss them with other scholars. Defense is an opportunity to highlight and share your work with other people.  

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