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Step-by-step guide to choosing a Dissertation topic

Like many English words, Dissertation has its origin in Latin. It’s from “dissertare” that means “to debate”. This gives you an open cheque for you to select a topic of your choice and defend it by analyzing your opinions, unlike the usual essay writing.

Since you can pick any topic of your choice, how do you go about choosing a good one? Follow me as I discuss this below with samples you can use as guides. 

Simple guidelines to choosing a Dissertation topic

Follow the guide below to choose a dissertation topic:

  • Pick a topic that gives you a lot of motivation.
  • Develop ideas on a topic that interests you. Ensure the topic inspires and moves you to go deep into the study.
  • The dissertation topic must be peculiar
  • Choose a unique theme that you can research and give your opinions and contributions with substantial evidence. 
  • Have a clearly defined dstructure and follow it

There are formatting rules that guide dissertation writing. Stay within these two. Start with an idea, state its importance, and provide relevant sources to back up your idea before concluding. 

  1. Avoid emotional attachments and be objective in fact finding

Choose a topic that you know you’ll be able to deal with without being biased or judgmental. Don’t be partial – write about the subject’s positive and negative sides while presenting various viewpoints. Do not focus on one than the other. 

  1. Be patient while looking for a topic

Do not be overwhelmed when selecting a topic; don’t be in a hurry. Be sure there are relevant academic sources you can get information on the subject matter from.

Features of a Standard Dissertation Topic

  • It must be clear and engaging
  • It must provide different points of view
  • It must relate to relevant issues and be backed up with previous studies
  • It must have a solid, foolproof thesis
  • The language used must be clear and appropriate.

Here are a few samples of dissertation topics that can serve as a guide for you. Pick the topic that aligns with your area of interest.

Business Management and Administration

  1. E-governance system vs. security risks
  2. Global offshoring and the United Kingdom
  3. How local economy influences foreign relations
  4. Typical hiring process and organizational screening in a nation
  5. Recession role for society.


  1. Is private tutoring replacing primary education methods?
  2. Standardized Testing in Grage 7-9: The merits and demerits
  3. Single Gender Schools advantages and disadvantages


  1. Charisma and financial control of political parties
  2. Media and clichés role in contemporary politics
  3. Can democracy be equal for all social groups?


  1. Increased alcohol consumption and economic turbulence
  2. Social communication online versus older social interaction modes
  3. Educational policies changed after World War II.


  1. Social stigma role for women image in media
  2. Review of anxiety disorder patients treatment methods
  3. Modelling the father figure in single mother-led homes
  4. How modern feeding habits influence mental health and self  image
  5. Relationship between number of psychologists employed and workplace stress