Is Thesis Defense Formality or Real?

If you prepared yourself for thesis defense then it is a formality. You have to face the committee members with unknown questions, if your members satisfied with your answers then you achieve the defense reality.

When your defense thesis date finalized and you are informed 3 weeks before the exam. You should prepare yourself because you don’t want to disappoint your audience, defense committee as well as yourself. Your committee has high expectations from you and has comprehensive questions to assess your knowledge. Maybe you have to face some unknown questions which are related to your research but you don’t know the answer and they can ask you again and again with interruption. At this time, you should show your boldness and don’t feel any pressure or stress. You have to handle the situation with patience. Skilled professionals from Dissertation Team service can help you get ready for this important stage. That is the key point of your success and future achievements. A strange way of verbal beating is a gift for you to create more confidence. So, face the audience without anxiety and stress.

5 Defense Myths:

Take a deep breath, and don’t worry about thesis defense. There are five defense myths for you which are helpful to reduce stress or anxiety.

  1. It is important to practice and prepare the questions prior to the thesis defense. But there is not any surety all prepared question can be asked. You have to answer the unknown questions. The better option is that you did your research and you are an expert in your discipline. You can continue the practice of answering and questioning as well as update your knowledge. During defense meeting, if you don’t know the answer, without any hesitation admit it you don’t know.
  2. Your committee members want to pick your mistakes. But other hands your committer wants you to a scholar. So, you should not give any chance to get you. You keep yourself always cool and in control, this leads you to your way. Your committee challenges you to assess and evaluate your standard and it is the part of the work you don’t worry about. This thesis approved your committee for defense and that approval is made after a review of your written work. They consider you are able for defense. So, you don’t underestimate yourself. Be confident and relax, they don’t want to trap you.
  3. There is a fear to start again the whole process if your thesis defense doesn’t get the right track. You should not have any fear. The committee asks you to make corrections to your thesis prior to your Degree. Usually, these are minor changes and you can make these easily and quickly. Your committee has not any idea to start again. They already know your work strengthens. If you have got approval then it means your committee is confident in your research. So, it can be only revisions that you can fix quickly.
  4. Another defense myth is candidate consider the committee members are the experts in your discipline, not you. But the reality is that your work is your original research and you know better with knowledge than your committee members. They are only familiar with your topic but didn’t spend hours of research with you. Your committee relies on you because you have the first-hand experience. So, deliver your defense with confidence as a teacher who teaches something new.
  5. As two degrees are not the same as everybody adopts a unique way to finish their dissertation degree with hard work. There are a lot of hurdles that you have to face like tough meetings with the committee, implementation of plans or schedule, defense preparation and your audience doesn’t with you. They don’t know your challenges. So, create confidence without remembering hurdles.

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